Lifting Webbing

How Much Can I Lift with a POLYESTER Sling?

Colour Sling Polyester Web Slings

Manufactured in New Zealand from high tenacity treated polyester, offering important  advantages over other slings. They are designed to meet the demands of industries that require lifting equipment to be lighter, stronger and safer than before. Our in-house testing and quality control incorporates European technology and international standards to assure superior
performance, reliability and safety.

Colour Sling Endless Round Slings

                                                        L1 = Length

A continuously wound hank of polyester yarn protected by an outer cover, the round sling is used for many types of lifting applications. Direct connection, choker or basket lifts can be made easily. Because load contact points can be changed with every lift, wear is evenly distributed, prolonging the life of the sling. Light and extremely easy to handle, they are ideal for difficult loads where surface damage is a concern.

Protective Sleeving

When lifting steel plate, brass, copper steel coils, stainless steel and glass without damage then some form of protection sleeve should always be used. These are examples of what is available in protective sleeving.

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