Polypropylene Laid, Nylon and Polyester Laid Ropes

Polypropylene Laid Rope

Thin tapes of polypropylene which are then twisted in to yarn, then in to strands and finally in to rope. Polyprop is an inexpensive all purpose rope.

  • Made from Polypropylene
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Impervious to water, petroleum products, dilute acids and alkalais.
  • Value for money (price relative to high strength and light weight).
  • Polypropylene laid rope is treated with UV inhibitor to improve its UV resistance.

  • Many general purposes
  • Ideal for towing and temporary mooring ropes because it floats.
  • Because of the low cost, polypropylene products are sometimes used for anchor warps. However, although normally satisfactory, this practise may be hazardous because of the ropes floating characteristic. It is recommended sinking ropes be used for anchor warps.

Sizes and Breaking Loads

Nylon Ropes

Nylon is the strongest of the man made fibres in common use. It has excellent shock absorbtion, is not affected by wide variations in temperature, and is very elastic, stretching up to 46% before breaking. Due to its high stretch, however, it is prone to internal stretch abrasion (which is caused as the fibres scissor over one another as the rope extends and contracts) with hard use. Nylon is 1.14 times more dense than water and therefore sinks.

Nylon makes an excellent anchor warp and light towing rope. It has other applications where a high strength shock resistant rope is required. Nylon rope has a shiny white appearance and when new, an oily feel.

  • High elasticity - stretches up to 46% before breaking.
  • Medium abrasion and U.V resistance. (Slightly less resistance than polyester.)
  • Excellent shock absorbtion.
  • Sinks in water.
  • Strongest of all conventional synthetic ropes.

  • Light and heavy tow ropes (possible because of excellent shock absorption).
  • Anchor and mooring ropes (because of high elasticity)
  • Usually identified with a Red or Green marker thread

Sizes and Breaking Loads

Polyester Laid Rope

Polyester rope is generally considered to be the best all purpose rope as it has a high resistance to abrasion and at normal working loads very little stretch. When new it has a dull white colour and it is 1.38 times more dense than water and therefore sinks. Polyester is ideal for lifting gear and for all other ropes where minimum stretch and a good resistance to abrasion are required. Construction Manufactured with a 3 strand hawser laid construction.

  • Low stretch.
  • High strength and high breakload.
  • Very high UV and abrasion resistance (superior to nylon)
  • Resistant to most chemicals - both acidic and alkaline.
  • Non-floating.
  • Usually identified with a Blue marker thread

• General purposes.
• Heavy towing.
• Running rigging-yachting sheets and halyards.
• Anchor warps and mooring lines.

Sizes and Breaking Loads

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