HI-MAN, SUPERDAN and Manila Ropes


What is HI-MAN Rope?
This rope is made by a special way of extrusion and it affords superiority where ultra high breaking strength as well as super abrasion resistance are required.

  • Higher breaking strength than conventional PP rope
  • Super abrasion resistance
  • Lower elongation and better creep resistance
  • More stable under dynamic loading condition.
  • UV stability
  • Durability

It has been much better breaking strength by about 32% than BS specification conventional polypropylene rope. HI-MAN 8-strand has been designed specifically for marine applications giving great strength, excellent flexibility high shock absorption capacity and a better grip.

HI-MAN 3-Strand Rope

SUPERDAN (Multiplat) 8-Strand Rope For Towing and Mooring Applications

Manila Ropes

Manila is a dried natural fibre therefore environmentally friendly. It has high strength (stronger than sisal) for a natural fibre and low elongation (20% stretch at breaking point, lower than all man made fibres. A 3-ply medium lay twist construction is used. Manila is easily handled and spliced and sinks in water.

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