What is Lanoguard?

Lanoguard is an all-purpose anti-corrosive, lubricant, protectant and waterproofing agent that delivers miraculous It's principal ingredient is Lanolin (wool grease), a natural oil that, in combination with today's technology is As well as general home use Lanoguard can be used in the following areas:

Industrial Uses

Lubrication - Wire Rope and General
Use Lanoguard spray for long-term lubrication as it will Use Lanoguard grease as a heavy duty grease.
not evaporate or leach off.

Rust Proofing
For all metal products and will work effectively over painted surfaces.

Spray onto electrical components to provide a non-corrosive inhibiting waterproof barrier.

Spray or soak rusted parts to free up siezed parts

Food Industry
Lanoguard sprays and grease are fully approved for use in and around the food industry. IOA No. 5525, Type A, Catagory 10 and 10A 5526, Type C, Catagory 12.

Marine Uses

Boat Trailers
Spray to protect the trailer, frame and in and around the electrical wiring against corrosion.

Outboard Motors
Spray over the entire powerhead, cowling and leg to waterproof and prevent corrosion and salt buildup.

Boats and Chandlery
Apply spray or grease to all external fittings, metals, plastics, rubber fittings and fibreglass.

All hooks and leaders can be treated with spray

Anchor Chains
Spray Lanoguard heavy duty liquid on the chain for non-stacking and smoother winch running.

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