Snatch and Open Wedge Blocks

Snatch Blocks

Johnson produces a wide range of multi-purpose snatch blocks. Over 235 standard models of single and double sheave snatch blocks are offered. Capacities range from 2 through to 30 tons and sheave diameters from 3 to 24 inches. Only top grade materials are used for each component.

Johnson snatch blocks feature convenient side opening right through to the heavy-duty top dead-end models. The side opening feature makes it easy to reeve the block without removing any fi ttings from the end of the wire rope.

Other features include choice of:

  • swivel hook
  • shackle
  • eye fittings
  • tailboard blocks

Double Sheaves - Hinge Type

Open Wedge Sockets

Open wedge sockets combine positive attachment with optimum versatility. Easy-to-change Johnson wedge sockets are a high strength cast alloy steel with charpy value of 25 lbs/ft at -4ºF. Each socket accepts at least two different ductile iron wedges. This allows the socket to be used with more than one rope size. Together, wedge and body act as a vice which grips the wire rope and locks it into place. The head attachment pin is standard and has a charpy value of 25 lbs/ft at -4ºF.