Stainless Steel, Security and Motoblock Chain

Stainless Steel Chain

We stock a wide range of stainless steel chain in both short and regular link. Other sizes are available on indent.

Security Chains

 Very High Security Chain
8mm x 900mm
8mm x 1200mm
8mm x 1500mm
10mm x 1200mm
10mm x 1500mm
10mm x 2000mm
 Motoblock Serious Security
 Chain and Lock
 Poly-coated Medium
5mm x 600mm
 Security Chain
5mm x 900mm
7mm x 900mm
7mm x 1200mm
7mm x 1500mm
10mm x 900mm
10mm x 1200mm
10mm x 1500mm
 Snake Chain Lock

High Tech Security Chains

The square link chains go through a special hardening process to make them extremely resistant to bolt cutters and hacksaw proof. The chains are then double zinc coated and covered with plastic for protection.


These are the same as the high tech chains complete with an armoured in-line lock. An excellent very high level of security matching chain and lock. They come packaged as shown. Available in 1200mm and 1500mm.

Snake Chain

These have a bolt cutter and hacksaw resistant flexible wire core covered by a flexible hardened steel shell. Complete with a drilling or picking resistant lock. Very flexible.

Plastic Coated Security Chain

A very good general purpose security chain. They have been case hardened to resist bolt cutters and hacksaws. The chains are dipped in a flexible vinyl coating to minimise damage