Roundsling Hook and Rotating Lifting Point

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RH - The perfect polyester hook and shackle - the ultimate connection between polyester slings and the load. The RH-hook is the perfect load connection solution combining the advantages of both soft lifting slings and grade 100 components and will, in many lifting applications, replace the "time consuming" "shackles. RH is a connector as well as a hook which gives the user increased flexibility, safer use and adds lifetime to the soft slings. RH-hook can, at any time, be inserted into the soft sling and give a safer and quicker assembly than a shackle and will be the ideal solution when you want to increase the use of your soft slings without jeopardising the safety of your personnel and goods.

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  • Patented design makes it suitable for applications where a conventional lifting point would not be fully adequate.
  • Intended for use as a lifting point, lashing point or towing attachment.
  • Dismountable open D-ring enables assembly of round sling, master link, link or hook directly onto RLP.
  • Hexagon-headed screw for easy assembly/disassembly with an ordinary wrench.
  • RLP can rotate 360º and articulate 180º.
  • Forged in Grade 8+ material permits higher WLL than
  • Grade 8 and DIN 580 eyebolts.

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