Studlink Anchor Chain

Stud link anchor chain is used for anchor chains on larger vessels such as super yachts, fishing vessels, merchant ships, oil rigs etc. A full range of auxiliary fittings such as kenter joining shackles, swivels and links are available with full test certification available by request

Anchor Chain Size Selection Guide

These are general recommendations. Contact our sales
staff for your specifi c requirements.

Second Hand Stud Link Anchor Chain

Suitable for both mooring and mussel farm use, second hand stud link anchor chain is generally stocked in sizes 20mm through to 52mm diameter. Sizes and quantities on hand are dependant on availability at the time of the order and fluctuate accordingly. Second hand stud link will be cut to required lengths.


Anchors come in all shapes and sizes, shown here are some of the more popular types available. For specialised requirements please contact our sales staff.

AC Hall AnchorDanforth Anchor

Bruce AnchorPlough Anchor